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Posting  July 2016

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Job Code - COR/DE/005/16

Job title : Design engineer       
Division  : (
Projects Engineering Development )

Job Description :

      • Joint force in designing of new products/ Projects or modify pre-designed products.

      • Assist in producing details of specifications and outline designs.

      • Work on planning production processes for new products in our own facility or at outsourced supplier sites.

      • Assist in monitoring manufacturing processes.

      • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Technical background :

      • B.Sc.  of Mechanical / Structure / mechatronics Engineering.

      • Has adequate knowledge in using research, analytical, conceptual and planning skills, particularly 3D modeling and computer aided design.

      • Has the sense in considering the implications of cost, safety and time constraints.

      • Has the ability of well communicating with other professionals, within and outside the engineering sector.

      • Software Experience : Needed Software Computer Proficiency:
        - (MS Office : Word – Excel - Internet – Outlook
        ( -Microsoft Project
        - Solidworks ( 3d mechanical design software)
        - AutoCAD.
        - Solidworks simulation professional. "Or any other simulation software."

Gender : Male

year of experience:

 2- 4 years in the mechanical design field/ sheet metal work / mechatronics designing.


Job Code - COR/TOE/002/16

Job title : Technical Office Engineer
Division  : (
Projects Engineering Services )

Job Description :

· Supervise office staff for all administrative works that include processing and reviewing of progress payments for contractors.

· Coordinate, review and assess contract submittals.

· Review and process construction for project design submittals and ensure forms as per existing standards.

· Administer contractor’s work and ensure compliance with submitted contract documents.

· Inspect work sites, monitor project budget and schedule and check project plans and drawings to verify authenticity of office plans.

· Analyze and recommend changes to contracts and prepare necessary amendments in contract document.

·  Manage and submit all reviewed contract document to contract administrators for further approval.

· Prepare correspondence and documents related to assigned projects.

·  Provide assistance to project manager and supervise office engineering construction.

·  Perform inspection and prepare documents for entire contract work projects.

·  Ensure all contract works in compliance with contract documents.

· Prepare project records with details such as field progress, field conditions, equipment use and corrective actions.

· Prepare monthly report on progress of assigned project with assistance of schedules, costs spreadsheets and perform analysis on same.

· Ensure the establishment of all necessary procedures, resources, software, control tools relevant to Technical Office task.

·  Managing the cost analysis and cost control of assigned projects.

·   Performs other related duties as assigned.

Technical background : Engineering

Gender : Male/Female

year of experience:

 BS degree B. Sc Electrical power – Machines with minimum 2 years’ experience as Technical Office Engineer.


Job Code - COR/SSE/003/16

Job title : Sales Support Engineer
Division  : (
Products Supplies Services )

Job Description :

· Receive, review and register product enquiries from either internal staff or external clients.

· Evaluate, and log product enquiries (classification, pricing, delivery terms, payment terms act.)

· Prepare client full proposal in adherence to company governing tenders’ and direct sales policies.

· Refer to direct reports, matters that are non conventional or non conforming to company policies for case by case vetting/approval.

· Liaise and confirm with suppliers, on all technical and procedural matters pertaining to building proposal or bidding documents, to ensure consistency, deliverability of all commitments.

· Coordinate, communicate and keep up-to-date all bid and tendering information with tendering employees, and outdoor sales as necessary.

Technical background : Engineering/ Marketing/Sales

Gender : Male/Female 

year of experience:

 BS degree B. Sc Electrical power – Machines  with minimum 2 years’ experience as sales engineer.




Job Code - COR/TSE/004/16

Job title : Technical sales engineer
Division  : (
Products Supplies Services )

Job Description :

· Provide first line sales services to clients.

· Study of RFP and tendering documents, and in coordination with BU Direct report, decide on GO/NO Go of offering/Bidding.

· Cooperate/coordinate with sales support staff on matters of building and vetting Offers/Bids.

· Help in researching and developing new products & solutions.

·Maintain and develop business relationships with clients through constant and high visibility.

· Scout, identify and proactively promote new business opportunities with current clients, and new clients.

·Prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining products or services to customers and prospective customers.

· Survey client sites to determine (prior or during) preparation of offer, and confer with customers and engineers to assess equipment needs and to determine system requirements.

· Keep abreast with current and up-to-date technologies and services in related field.

· Follow-up and coordinate contract status, with customer and sales support during implementation, commissioning and handover.

· Act as focal point in the resolution of client current problems, and proactively mitigate potential concerns (technical, financial, procedural, etc.) and help clients solve problems with installed equipment.

· Help clients solve problems with installed equipment.

· When required, represent company at tender negotiation/bidding sessions.

Technical background : Engineering/ Marketing/Sales

Gender : Male/Female 

year of experience:

 BS degree B. Sc Electrical power – Machines  with minimum 2 years’ experience as sales engineer.


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