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A dozen good reasons why EAST is in the Champions’ League:
1.     Our customers are our employers. Our approach is uncompromisingly client-oriented - geared to internal as well as external clients.
2.     Our goal is for EAST SAE to be the market watchword for reliability, efficiency and flexible solutions - a goal we can be proud of.
3.     At all levels of the hierarchy, we see ourselves as co-entrepreneurs, and we always endeavor to act in the best interests of our whole company and our customers. These are our principles: take action instead of sitting it out, solve problems instead of administering them, develop independent initiative instead of 'waiting and seeing', shoulder responsibility instead of apportioning blame, strike out in new directions instead of keeping to well-worn paths.
4.     We place great trust in our employees, leaving them free to take cost-effective action at EAST SAE  with motivation and creativity. Because our employees can play their part in developing their work areas, they carry a large share of the responsibility for our company's success.
5.     We help each other all along the process chain - and beyond - without having to be asked. We respect and trust one another and we understand each others' needs, so we are proud to be the winning team in our business sectors.
6.     We communicate with one another and with our business partners openly and directly, always focusing on solutions.
7.     We see ourselves as a learning organization and we are committed to actively shaping change and ongoing personal development.
8.     We are always committed to optimizing our processes and using resources in line with environmental factors. We measure our performance by the best companies, to the benefit of our customers, our employees and our environment.
9.     Our services give our customers added benefits that they can measure and see. This is a cornerstone of our own profitability.
10. Our success is based on integral, networked thinking. We act creatively, boldly and with plenty of commitment.
11. We view innovative requests and ideas as opportunities. Thanks to our creativity and our risk appetite, we create an environment where good ideas are quickly put into practice.
12. We develop and maintain a safe and healthy working environment so that we can continue to offer all our employees attractive jobs in the future.



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