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First business approach to the Egyptian market with Roads building contracting company
1976 Starting the heavy Machinery business with CAT and AMMANN of Switzerland
1982 Joint Venture with the Swiss Company (Geillenger) for Steel fly over bridges manufacturing .Several projects had been conducted in Egypt
1999 Establishing Engineering  and Services Technology (EAST)... first time acting into the process automation business
2002 Establishing the special design instrumentation and Agency for Mueller Industrie Elektroniks Germany
2003 Merging the construction machinery Division (Agency of AMMANN group) into EAST
2005 Establishing the new division for Mechatronics via cooperation with Sartorius Germany
2006 Establishing the Power system division via cooperation with Camille Bauer – Switzerland
2006 Splitting the contracting and manufacturing arm to formulate EIT
2007 Forming the Engineering Technology Group (ETG)
2007 Receiving the License from ABB Germany and Finland to integrate ABB frequency inverters into our systems  
2007 First Sub-base production project in Egypt ( AMMANN – Arab Contractors)
2008 Achieving the first biggest cement drives upgrade project with ABB in Egypt for Suez cement Company (Italcementi)
Four ID fans 1.5 MW
Three Cooler fans 500 KW
Two raw mill fans 800 KW
Three Kilns upgrades 1.5 MW
2009 First biggest Asphalt plants in Egypt (AMMANN JB240)
First ABB industrial IT control of cement mills with special developed library
2010 First Steel furnace control system totally developed by EAST Achieving the first biggest single weighing project with 5 scales 120 t with full automatic ticketing system
Switching EAST from ltd to SAE company


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